1 week (6night):24,000 yen(1 person)
after 7 days +4,000 yen / night
6 years old or under : free

※add person:+1 person → +1,000 yen / night(max 2 people)
※minimum stay : 1 week

facilities: fridge, microwave, rice cooker, gas range (1 burner), cookware, bedding ( japanese futon), washing machine, hairdryer, airconditioner, etc...

this is not a luxury inn, but a house for local lifestyle experience or for long stay customers. So we kindly ask for your understanding about minimum facilities and amenities. please be sure to bring your own towels and bathing goods(soap, shanpoo...). It is air-conditioned. Guests will sleep in futon on the floor in a room with tatami mattress.
There is no internet access. We rent a pocket Wi-Fi, let us know if you need (1,000yen per week)